Leave it to us to provide a thorough walkthrough and determine the best configuration for your security camera system installation.

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Our certified, professional Security camera system installers ask the right questions and take the guesswork out of installing dome, bullet and box cameras at your location. With full nightvision and weatherproof capabilities, our cameras can be the watchful eyes that never blink.

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With your surveillance system professionally installed, you can have the peace of mind in knowing a quality security system is in place to help you protect what matters.

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Yes, that would be the logical choice

Innovation CCTV is known for delivering the same quality and consistent results, to every installation.
When you choose Innovation CCTV to install your security system you get expert attention to detail, quality worksmanship, friendly customer service and compentent technical assistance. Our selection of security cameras NVR's and DVR's are among the best quality in the industry.
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Innovation CCTV is a well established, San Diego based, surveillance equipment supply and installation company. As an honest, service oriented operation, we focus on delivering superior customer service, cutting edge products and best-in-class installation services to all budget levels and project applications. In short, we provide simple solutions for complex demands. Specializing in custom in-wall wiring for existing structures, our techs are trained to retrofit existing architecture(wiring infrastructure) whenever possible to support anything from hard wired alarm systems to home networks, so CCTV is a breeze. We stay on the cutting edge of style trends, wiring proceedures, industry standards and information technology advancements to bring you a cutting edge product in a highly competitive package. Looking to monitor employee productivity? We can help. Vandalism happening near your home or office? Let's see them before they see you. Need a nany cam or spy cam to help with safety concerns at home, or a long range security camera to cover an open field or parking area? Check and check, we are experts in all of the above.
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Security Camera Systems & Installation by InnovationCCTV

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